Country manager for Sabre Security – Afghanistan

Chris’s approach to his role and commitment to his employers is first class. He is totally trustworthy and his integrity is never in doubt. A completely realistic and very capable man who has proven on many occasions, his ability to lead and effectively deal with often complicated issues in areas of extreme hostility.

Project manager for Near East Security Services – Al Najaf Alashraf International Airport – Iraq

Chris operates to extremely high levels of professionalism and personal discipline in all areas of work. He is meticulous to the final degree in his organisation, examinations and post examination debriefs, at the same time having sufficient flexibility to adjust his programme and plans to meet the needs of an ever expanding international airport.

Head of Operations for Sabre International Security - Iraq and Afghanistan

Chris is a qualified polygrapher and has been predominantly employed to provide polygraph services in Iraq and Afghanistan for our US Government, Oil and Gas Sector clients and adhoc clients. Polygraphing was a mandatory requirement on all US Government contracts and these tests were subject to random audits and inspections by US Government contract personel.

Secretary of British Polygraph Association,Owner of Uk Polygraph Services , Director of Credibility Assesment – Nigeria

...we considered his examinations, his professionalism and examination standards to be above reproach and above the standards of his peers.

M.A. , Director, Academy of Polygraph Science – Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Unfortunately, not all polygraph examiners are created equal. Mr. Scheepers rises above his peers by aggressively seeking out the standards and principles of the polygraph practice in an attempt to protect and serve the public. He recognizes the position of high trust, and continually seeks to improve his skillset.

What is a Polygraph?

It is in effect a medical instrument which measures and records changes in the autonomic nervous system when questions regarding a specific issue or issues are asked by the examiner and answered by examinee.

When a person experiences a sudden shock or fright, the body floods with epinephrine and nor epinephrine to help one cope with this emergency. This activity is known as the “Fight or Flight response” over which one has no control as it is part of the autonomic nervous system.

One experiences the same response when telling a meaningful, important or dangerous lie as a defense mechanism against potential personal damage.

During the polygraph examination there are 3 phases:

Pre-Test Interview

During this phase biological data is recorded in order for the examiner to get to know the examinee better; the issue under investigation is clarified and discussed, the physiology of a lie is explained, questions are designed together with the examinee so that there is no surprise questions in the examination, the operation of the Polygraph is explained and instructions for the exam given. Polygraph components are now attached to the examinee.

The polygraph measures and records the physiological changes in the body with the following components:

  • The PNEUMOGRAPH COMPONENT- measures movement and respiration in the chest and upper abdomen with the pneumo tube;
  • GALVANIC SKIN RESPONSE COMPONENT – metal finger plates are attached to the ring and index finger of the right hand which measures the changes in the skin resistance;
  • CARDIOSPHYGMOGRAPH – measures the relative blood pressure and pulse rate through a blood pressure cuff attached to the left upper arm;
  • MOVEMENT SENSOR – examinee sits on movement sensor which measures movement and any physical attempt to distort readings


Several charts are collected during which the pre designed questions are asked by the examiner, answered by the examinee and the physiological reactions to the questions recorded.

Post Test Interview

With the test complete the examiner will perform an evaluation of the charts, during this phase the result will also be communicated to the examinee, if the result is deceptive the issue at hand is discussed again to give the individual chance to give any further information or to confess. A written report is submitted to employer or party requesting the examination.

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Interesting Information

In US Federal pre-employment process the polygraph accounted for 94% of admissions made

Employee theft is the principle cause of business failure in over 50% of bankruptcies each year in the USA.

A major study of retailing in the USA revealed that “shrinkage” or loss broke down into :

  • Bookkeeping and management error = 10 %
  • Shoplifting = 15%
  • Staff theft = 75%

87 % of job applicants lie on the application form, the majority lie about experience and qualifications however 25 % of these liars are concealing real risk, such as criminal convictions, involvement in crimes, theft from employers, abuse and misappropriation of company equipment/property.

Membership of Professional Bodies

South African Polygraph Federation