Country manager for Sabre Security – Afghanistan

Chris’s approach to his role and commitment to his employers is first class. He is totally trustworthy and his integrity is never in doubt. A completely realistic and very capable man who has proven on many occasions, his ability to lead and effectively deal with often complicated issues in areas of extreme hostility.

Project manager for Near East Security Services – Al Najaf Alashraf International Airport – Iraq

Chris operates to extremely high levels of professionalism and personal discipline in all areas of work. He is meticulous to the final degree in his organisation, examinations and post examination debriefs, at the same time having sufficient flexibility to adjust his programme and plans to meet the needs of an ever expanding international airport.

Head of Operations for Sabre International Security - Iraq and Afghanistan

Chris is a qualified polygrapher and has been predominantly employed to provide polygraph services in Iraq and Afghanistan for our US Government, Oil and Gas Sector clients and adhoc clients. Polygraphing was a mandatory requirement on all US Government contracts and these tests were subject to random audits and inspections by US Government contract personel.

Secretary of British Polygraph Association,Owner of Uk Polygraph Services , Director of Credibility Assesment – Nigeria

...we considered his examinations, his professionalism and examination standards to be above reproach and above the standards of his peers.

M.A. , Director, Academy of Polygraph Science – Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Unfortunately, not all polygraph examiners are created equal. Mr. Scheepers rises above his peers by aggressively seeking out the standards and principles of the polygraph practice in an attempt to protect and serve the public. He recognizes the position of high trust, and continually seeks to improve his skillset.

Legal Aspects

The polygraph examination must be voluntary

  • Is generally used in conjunction with other evidence, cannot be used in court to establish innocence or guilt as the only evidence
  • Legally obtained statements, admissions and confessions obtained resulting from a polygraph examination is admissible as evidence in the courts and the polygraph examiner must testify in court as to the voluntariness of said evidence
  • Polygraph examiners have been used as expert witnesses by the CCMA where evidence needed to be tested for reliability, polygraph exams may not be interpreted as guilt on their own but may be regarded as aggravation where there is other evidence of misconduct.

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